Yesterday at a meeting not related to healthcare, the discussion gravitated towards customer service in medical practices. After a brief discussion it was agreed that lengthy and late appoints was one of the biggest pain points in visiting a doctor.

So fast-forward to today and I received an article on how to improve patient workflow and scheduling tips to improve wait times. Did you know that patient wait times are one of the biggest complaints about medical practices? See the article we wrote on patient wait times and patient satisfaction. 

Tips on Improving Scheduling & Wait Times

Here are a few of the tips to start improving your workflow.

  • Study why you fell behind and what can be done to improve moving forward
  • Look at how many patients were booked and if you were overbooked
  • What was the actual patient time in the office
  • Did  you or can you provide a patient portal or method for patients to complete paperwork prior to arrival?

Courtesy of: Physicians Practice