Google My Business for Medical Practices Guide

Improve your online search rankings and Google reviews for medical practices and physicians.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. If you verify and edit your business information, you can both help customers find your business and tell them your story. Be found by patients and grow your medical practice. 

Why is Google My Business Important to Your Medical Practice?

Be Found by Patients

Over 90% of patients use Google to find or research a physician or healthcare provider.

Maps and Directions

Makes it easy for patients or customers to navigate to your office or contact you.

See and Respond to Reviews

Get notified any time a new review is added and respond to your patients.

Share Information

Show off all the great things about your medical practice and what makes you unique.

Share Photos

Share photos of your medical practice staff or office to attract more patients.

Why Google Matters

A Google My Business listing is the front door to your medical practice on the internet. Even if you have a website, without a Google listing your practice will lose out on critical search traffic and visibility to your new and existing patients!

Your Google My Business listing helps you be found by patients, is used by Google Maps app for directions, received customer feedback and respond to them, sharing of photos and other information about why someone should visit your medical practice. 

Google Local Search Example

Performing a local Google search will rely heavily on the information within your Google My Business listing. If your practice does not have a Google listing or it is not optimized properly, information about your medical practice will not be displayed or in many cases may not even show up during a Google search.

Google looks for several things including:

Completeness – It’s important that ever part of your profile contains information. Things like your website, telephone number, business hours and also business categories. Adding photos and video about your practice or any recognition or rewards you’ve won will also be helpful. 

Accuracy – While accuracy may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many listings for medical practices and physicians have old or inacurate information. Things like the wrong cateogry, website or even the wrong phone number can lead to reduced visibility online or worse lost business. 

Consistency – Failure to have consistent information on your Google listing or across the web can lead to your practice not showing up prominently. Again this can lead to missed opportunities and reduced revenue for your practice.

How Can Reputation Health Help You?

What do we do for you?


  • Establish and optimize your listing
  • Monitor your listing for accuracy
  • Update your listing as needed for office moves or other changes
  • Monitor your Google reviews and send you alerts
  • Answer questions you have about online listings and Google search
  • Multi-provider or multi-location practices, we can bring all of your Google My Business listings under one login for easier management.

We Take Care of Google

We are Google experts and can manage and monitor your listing so your information is always accurate and optimized.

Find out why so many medical practices trust us with their Google and other online listings as well as review monitoring. We pride ourselves in wowing  you with great service! 

Our solutions are trusted by thousands of healthcare organizations like yours!

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